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Do You Know The Difference Between A PEO And An ASO?


 Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

With a PEO the company leases the employees out the the PEO. Which means the company looses control of employess. Also the Peo costs are higher. Simplified the PEO is a higher cost for the company and the company has less control.


Administrative Services Organization


With an ASO there is no leasing the employess out which means the cost are lower. Also the company maintains control over employee enrollments. Simply put the ASO has lower cost for the company and more control over employee enrollment. ASO is the way to go.

What We Do As An ASO

Benefits Administration

Enroll, renew and manage your employee benefits online.

Time & Attendance

Accurately track, manage and process time and attendance for your entire workforce.

Benefits Enrollment

Offering tailored employee benefits will not only save you time, but employee engagement.

human resources

You can input, store and report all types of employee data with iSolved. 


New Hire Onboarding

Eliminate paperwork and redundancy from the employee onboarding process. Our onboarding
streamlines the entire employee process using a simple online interface.

PTO Tracking

Take a vacation from Manual Time-Off Tracking.
Our PTO tool allows you to request, review, and approve PTO without breaking asweat.

Asset tracking

Our asset management software allows you to easily control and track your company’s
assets. Assign and track everything from office keys to laptops, cell phones and more
from one easy to use dashboard.

payroll integrations

Payroll is the cornerstone of iSolved. The intuitive technology ensures your payroll is processed
efficiently and accurately. iSolved’s full payroll preview puts you in control and allows you to catch
errors before you process.

Here Are The 4 Ways For fmsurance™

Face To Face


Personalized one-on-one meetings with benefit specialists allow employees to review options, get answers and electronically make plan selections. Final enrollment selections are securely sent to insurance companies to complete the policy issue process.

An excellent option when employees cannot make on-site meetings. Telephone meetings can be scheduled in advance using predetermined time frames offering both inbound or outbound calls through H2H's state-of-the-art phone system and leading edge voice recording capabilities.



Supported by call center and/or face-to-face enrollment, employees can complete their own enrollment utilizing a customized online portal.

When it's not possible to coordinate individual meetings, a group setting educates employees about benefit choices and the enrollment process to ensure efficient completion.

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