New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Onboarding 

Welcome to delightful onboarding. Give new hires an awesome first day, not a stack of paperwork.

Superior Task Management

HR & manager approvals & permissions

Approve requested PTO in a few easy clicks

Customize company policy


Configure company holidays

Ensure accurate accruals


Review your team’s time off history

Put Onboarding on Auto-Pilot


Easily Complete New Hire Forms

We made completing new hire forms painless for employees & HR.


Compliance Simplified

There’s no shortage of policies that employees need to sign off on; our digital file makes tracking them a walk in the park.


Safety & Training Modernized

Modernize training, improved worksite safety & reduce workers comp costs.


Paperless Benefit Elections

Don’t stop with onboarding, benefit tasks can be also be seamlessly managed online.