Why Choose fmsurance™ For Your Benefits, HR, Payroll?

Here are the benefits of partnering with fmsurance™:

Partnering with fmsurance™ will simplify your enrollment and benefits administration.  fmsurance™ offers Comprehensive Benefit Communication and Enrollment Services with a Personal Touch.

  • Access and capitalize on the most current technology

  • Enhance and streamline your enrollment and communication process

  • Choose from flexible enrollment methods tailored to your needs

  • Provide one-on-one benefits counseling

  • Seamlessly expand your human resources and benefits team

  • Improve the onboarding of new employees

  • Ease the benefit experience for broker, employer and employee

Our team of professional Implementation and fmsurance™ represents over 80 years in the benefit communication and enrollment field. An implementation manager is present at every scheduled enrollment to conduct planning meetings, organize schedules and help determine enrollment methods. When you team with fmsurance™, it's personal.

Why our experience is unrivaled:

  • Experts in pre-enrollment planning and enrollment implementation

  • Tens of thousands of employees serviced face-to-face and telephonically

  • Partnered with businesses and organizations of all sizes and types

  • Experienced in human resources, communications, call center, training, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, IT, construction, sales and local governments

fmsurance™ is the clear choice when your firm wants the best in Worksite Benefits Implementation, Communication, Education and National Enrollment Services.  From pre-planning through policy effective date, we're ready to work with you to smooth the process at every step.

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